Massage Services

You can get the opportunity to experience the world's most popular spa therapies and massages in the company of Far Eastern specialist therapists, away from the intense tempo of life.

*Aroma Therapy Massage

*Basalt Massage

*Bali Massage

* Ayurveda Massage

*Thai Massage

*Reflexology Massage

Turkish Bath

With modern, hygienic and attentive service reflecting traditional Turkish culture, Turkish Bath is a special place for those who care for their body. All guests from inside and outside the hotel can benefit from this opportunity.

According to experts, it is anticipated that with regular rubbing and massages, it makes the breathing of the body more comfortable and fluent, it has an important role in the regularization of blood circulation with a chain reaction in the elimination of the pain caused by the insufficiency of blood circulation.

Sauna & Steam Room

Sauna may be defined as “dry steam bath”. The temperature in the sauna is usually between 80°C -110°C. With excessive heat and sweating, it provides that toxic substances are removed from the body, pores are cleared. Sauna accelerates the circulatory system, allowing you to exhale toxins and oxygen more intensely into the cells.

Along with the Steam Bath, the dead cells in your skin are removed and refreshed, and the emergence of younger cells ensures you have a smooth skin. Your respiratory tract is softened with the moisture provided by the steam, making it easy to breathe with essential oils or herbal beneficial plants. Steam Bath is soft, not being at high temperature makes it easier for users. It does not tire and it makes you restful.

Swimming Pools

With hygienic, heated and wide and spacious resting and sunbathing areas; we have indoor and outdoor swimming pools where you can feel the energy of the water while swimming and a jacuzzi children's pool.

During the summer season, the outdoor swimming pool is open until 18:00 and the indoor swimming pool is open until 23:00.

Our in-house guests and also our guests from outside can benefit from our swimming pools.


We have created a professional environment that allows you to work in a highly efficient and versatile way in the machinery parks we have established by choosing the best equipment for you.

STUDIO WORKS: You can reach your goal more easily with the works that various programs are offered in groups.

PERSONNEL TRAINER: You can join private trainings with individual trainers for purpose-oriented works.

Cross Fitness

CrossFit is an exercise system consisting of halter, gymnastics and athletics branches combined. Unlike classical fitness training, the goal is not only to shape it, but also to provide functional use of the muscles, to gain synergy in strength and condition. CrossFit is basically interested in improving our physical capacity in a short time.

With our experienced and professional trainers, you can benefit either from individual or group work.

Fitness GYM Club

Changed. Avoid the intensity of things, the stress of the day, the chaos of life. Take a deep breath. Rest your soul. Experience the luxury of being alone with Elegance Gym.

Don't say I don't have time to do sports. When you separate, not for exercise, but for yourself değil Do not postpone yourself tomorrow. Elegance Gym provides you with the motivation you need, with its expert instructors in every branch of your development. In Elegance Gym you will have the ideal life style.


Abdominal muscles, hip and leg muscles and helps strengthen the arm muscles. Unlike other sports pilates strengthens your muscles do not cause swollen muscle appearance. Dancers and ballet dancers and jimlasticists therefore prefer the pilasters. It helps to strengthen the balance muscles in our body and thus help to maintain body balance. Pilates is also useful for the body as much as it is for the body. Because it is a controlled sport with full concentration, it improves balance, opens the mind and rests. Pilates helps a person know his body. It helps the body to become aware of how strong, flexible or controlled it is. In this way, the person helps his / her body to get information about whether it is suitable for sports or not.

PILATES & YOGA: You can participate in pilates & yoga programs both in private and in groups.
PERSONEL TRAINER: You can participate in the purpose-oriented studies with individual trainer.